Stamp Show

This page illustrates some of the WESTPEX 2018 awards available to the judges to award to the winning exhibits.

Each year WESTPEX presents specially chosen awards for the Grand Award, Reserve Grand, Don Dretzke Memorial Award, Chairman's Award, and California Collectors Club Award.

The palmares for WESTPEX 2017 can be found here.



Grand Award 2018

 Peter McDougall

Complex Millefiori  Art Glass Paperweight


Reserve Grand Award 2018 sponsored by Collectors Club of San Francisco

Tulip shaped crystal bowl


Grand Award 2018 for Single-Frame Exhibits

Fan shaped crystal bowl

Don Dretzke Memorial Award 2018

Antique Metal Letter Holder

for Best Exhibit of "Used" Stamps

WESTPEX Chairman's Award 2018

hand painted rural mailbox with three scenes of San Francisco

California Collectors Club Award 2018

Antique bronze stamp box

Margaret Munda Award of  Merit 2018

San Francisco Pacific Philatelic  Society

Decorative porcelain "Saxony Vase" from Smithsonian Collection


SESCAL Award 2018

Decorative porcelain "Tucker Pitcher" from the Smithsonian Collection

Al Van Dahl Memorial Award 2018

Custom Made Boxed Magnifying Glass &
Letter Opener Set w/Wood Handles

for best Scandinavian exhibit


WESTPEX Gold medal.

The WESTPEX Vermeil, Silver, Silver-Bronze, and Bronze medals are the same size but made of different metals.


AAMS Grand Award

Bulova World Clock

AAMS Gold Medal

AAMS Medal

Eugene Garrett Award

Eugene Garrett Award

Best Philippines Exhibit


United Postal Stationery Society Marcus White Award for best postal stationery exhibit.

United Postal Stationery Society Single Frame Award

Collectors Club of Chicago Philatelic Exhibitor's Award

4 books published by the CCC

US Philatelic Classics Society Medal

Best U.S. exhibit up to 1894 by the United States Philatelic Classics Society



Outstanding Research and Investigation of Any Country

British Caribbean Philatelic Study Group

The American Philatelic Society provides Award of Excellence for 19th Century, 1900-1940, 1940-1980, and post-1980 exhibits.


The American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors provides three awards. One is for creativity (above).  Another is for presentation (upper right).  And the Title Page award (dome magnifier).


The American Philatelic Congress award for writeup.  The award is a Congress Book.


U.S. Stamp Society Statue of Freedom award for the best United States stamp exhibit from 1847 to the present.


50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love Award

by Haight Ashbury Philatelic Association

for Grooviest exhibit

American Revenue Association

O'Neill Award

Cross Pen and Pencil Set


India Study Circle Award is used to encourage interest in India's postal and philatelic history.

Sterling Achievement Award

Women Exhibitors

Nepal & Tibet Philatelic Study Circle

Best Nepal , Tibet or Himalayan Exhibit

Germany Philatelic Society

Gold, Silver, Bronze awards

ATA awards

Lighthouse Stamp Society Award for Best Exhibit with Any Nautical Theme



U.S. Cancellation Club

CZSG Silver Exhibitor's Medal

Professional Stamp  Experts It's Not Just Stamps Award

Canal Zone Study Group silver medal