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Contact Information

If you want to contact members of the WESTPEX committee

Chairman of the Board: Clyde Homen

Vice Chairman of the Board: Daryl Reiber

Awards: Vesma Grinfelds

Banquet: Stanley Fong

Exhibits and Jury: Ross A. Towle

Dealers: Bill Dwyer

Program: Tara Pope

Publicity: Robert Pope

Meetings: Edie and Dale Eggen. If you are interested in having a meeting at WESTPEX please contact us.

Societies: Edie and Dale Eggen

Youth:  Marci Jarvis

Website: Ross A. Towle

Buy Souvenirs: kpatterson@westpex.com


The WESTPEX mail address is:


P.O. Box 759

Tres Pinos, CA 95075-0759